Kenneth Ely, DC - Chiropractor

Our Address:
399 H Street, Suite 2
Blaine, WA 98230
Phone Numbers:
360 332-4730
360 303-0745 (Cell)

The Insurance Providers that I am confident in billing are:

  1. Regence Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  2. Premera Blue Cross
  3. LifeWise Healthplans
  4. Medicare Part B – as primary, not as secondary insurance.
  5. Healthcare Management Administrators
  6. United Healthcare: some plans require pre-authorization* and I do not work with these.
  7. First Choice Health Network
  8. Group Health OPTIONS
  9. Peace Health
  10. Windsor Sterling

This is a narrow field, but I am listed as a Preferred Provider or a Participating Provider on the web sites of additional insurance carriers. If you wish to use your health insurance to cover your care in my office, it is advisable that you call your insurance carrier’s customer service line and ask two questions:

  1. Do I have a copay and, if so, how much is it for chiropractic treatment?  

Although your insurance card may say you have a copay, I have found that chiropractic copays may be different than those due in your medical doctor’s office. Or you may have no copay at all for a chiropractic visit although you pay one elsewhere. And if the card does not indicate that you have a copay, this does not necessarily mean that you do not. Always call.

   2.  Do you require pre-authorization* from the insurance company for chiropractic treatment to be covered?

Pre-authorization, if it is required, must be obtained from your insurance carrier before treatment is received; without obtaining it, your treatment will not be covered by insurance. Obtaining it is often time-consuming and confusing; and it always delays treatment and getting out of pain. If payment for your care is denied because pre-authorization is declined or is not obtained, you will be billed under my standard fee-for-service rates.

   3.  Is Kenneth Ely, DC listed on the providers' list for my policy?

If I am a preferred participating provider with your insurance company, I will be listed. There are certain "umbrella" enrollments that will cause me to be shown as a PPP for an insurance group but the actual policies can require enrollment specifically for them and I will therefore NOT be able to bill.