Kenneth Ely, DC - Chiropractor

Our Address:
1535 Bayview,
Blaine WA 98230 
Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 90
Blaine WA 98231-0090
Phone Numbers:
360 332-4730
360 303-0745 (Cell)

back painWelcome

Thank you for your interest in my chiropractic practice. I have been serving Whatcom County residents from my office in Blaine, Washington, for almost 40 years. Since turning 70, however, I have decided to ‘downsize’ and will be closing my office at 399 H Street Suite 2 on March 15th, 2019.
I will continue to see patients working from my home by appointment. While I have welcomed walk-in patients at the office for many years, it could be awkward at my residence so please call first. 

If anyone needing my help cannot negotiate the seven gentle steps down to my treatment room, I will make house calls. 

With the ‘downsize’, I will no longer be billing insurances or Medicare
Care rendered at my home will be $35/office visit;
Care rendered as a house call will be $45/home visit.

I practice Activator Technique with an adjunctive soft tissue therapy.