Kenneth Ely, DC - Chiropractor

Our Address:
1535 Bayview,
Blaine WA 98230 
Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 90
Blaine WA 98231-0090
Phone Numbers:
360 332-4730
360 303-0745 (Cell)

back painWelcome

Thank you for your interest in my chiropractic practice. I have been serving Whatcom County residents from my office in Blaine, Washington, for almost 40 years. Since turning 70, however, I have decided to ‘downsize’ and will be closing my office at 399 H Street Suite 2 on March 15th, 2019.
I will continue to see patients working from my home. 
If anyone needing my help cannot negotiate the seven gentle steps down to my treatment room, I will make house calls. 

With the ‘downsize’, I will no longer be billing insurances or Medicare
Care rendered at my home will be $35/office visit;
Care rendered as a house call will be $45/home visit.

I practice Activator Technique with an adjunctive soft tissue therapy.